Class Descriptions

Ballet I:

Ballet I introduces a more structured ballet class. Basic ballet movements and vocabulary will be introduced to the class, but students will still have fun playing games to learn other movements.

Creative Movement I & II (ages 3-4 & 4-5):

Creative Movement is a class designed to expose young children to music, rhythm, and coordination to give them the skills to become dancers in the future. They will use natural actions such as running, walking, jumping, and skipping to learn the skills necessary to dance. These skills, mixed with games, make learning to dance and work together fun for children.

Creative Movement II is a class for students who have completed at least one Creative Movement class in the past, and are invited to the Creative Movement II class when they are ready.

Adult Ballet Fitness:

This class is open for anyone to try, dancer or not. The first half of this class is a traditional ballet warm up; center barre. Muscle control, balance and coordination combined in this fun workout (don’t worry, everything is taught and can be adjusted to any fitness level) . The second part of the class is focused on toning the muscles of the core and lower body that are used in ballet.

Attire & Gear: Please bring a yoga or pilates mat to class with you. Wear socks or ballet slippers, and comfortable workout clothes (yoga pants and tank tops work great).


 updated 03/30/2014


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