Policies and Rules

Policies & Rules

  • Parents must stay on the premises during classes.
  • No gum, candies or foods are allowed during dance classes; students may have a water bottle.
  • Please put your child’s name or initials in their shoes, since many dance shoes look alike they can easily become mixed up.
  • Please have child come to class with hair pulled away from their face. If their hair is long enough, please put it into a pony-tail or bun
  • Please do not wear jewelry or watches in class – stud earrings are okay.

Missing Class & Make-up Days

  • If class is canceled due to inclement weather, or if the instructor cancels classes for personal reasons, make-up classes will be provided.
  • If your child misses a class for any reason, it is the parent’s responsibility to schedule a make-up class. This class can be the same level as your current child’s class, or a lower level.
  • Classes must be made up in the session currently signed up for.
  • Classes cannot be made up on the last week of classes, due to the fact that we will be working on the showing dance.
  • Please be aware that some classes, such as Hip Hop, contain choreography that has been sequentially built upon from one week to the next, therefore those classes may be harder for your student to attend as a make-up class.

updated 2/1/2014


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